Who am I?

A few bloggers have reached out to me inquiring about my identity. I was hesitant to reveal more in order to protect my own identity and the identity of others featured in my stories, but I feel allowing you to see a bit deeper into my personality and life would prove beneficial to you as readers, allowing you to better understand my other writings.

I am a dedicated student. I’m double majoring in political communication and journalism with hopes to pursue a career in either politics or video production (television or movie). My school work has always been my top priority. Although I was sure college would break my streak of always receiving A’s, I managed to maintain a 4.0 through my freshman year. I LOVE my classes and although most of my peers seem to dread their classwork, I really enjoy the learning aspect of college because I know I’m truly furthering myself as a person.

I am an athlete. I’ve been swimming competitively since I was five years old and because of my swimming capabilities I was fortunate enough to obtain an athletic scholarship to my dream university. Although it is a miserable sport and I would not recommend it to ANYONE because let’s face it, waking up six days a week at 5:30 is miserable no matter how much you love the sport, swimming has molded me into the person I am today. It has taught me dedication, perseverance, persistence, selflessness, leadership, and countless other invaluable skills. Most importantly it has instilled in me to never give up.

I was born and raised in the South. Also the Bible Belt so I went to church every Sunday– Presbyterian to be exact. I always knew I wanted to go far away for college and that I did. I moved up North and wow did things change dramatically once I got to college. For the first time in my life I felt like I was truly in an environment that allowed me to live as my truest self.

I’m also not a perfect person. Since middle school I’ve struggled mentally with  anxiety issues and it was controlling my life. This past year the problems intensified and I was strongly considering suicide. However, suddenly a switch flipped. I don’t know why and I don’t know how, but it just hit me that it was my choice whether I let my anxiety rule my life. So I made a change. I focused on the good and let go of the bad. I stopped worrying about the future and focused on the individual moments in front of me. I’d been suffering in my own pity party but when I opened my eyes I realized I has so many sincere friends standing in front of me. I felt as if my life had done a complete 180 and I found myself happier than I thought humanly possible.

I thrive on adrenaline. It makes me feel the most intense emotions. This goes hand and hand with living in the moment and trying new things. Being spontaneous. Embracing every opportunity that approaches me with an open mind and open arms. Always saying yes. Learning by living. This is the key factor that has turned my life around.

I am female anonymous.


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