The First F**kboy

My first fling all started when I ended up the only girl in a dorm room with eight guys. Yep. It was a little rapey, but I knew exactly what I was doing. I was in the mood– what can I say.

Alright so flashback to the beginning of the night. A BYOW party. (Bring your own wig). Not wearing a wig? No entry to the the party. The night before I slept with my first boy since gaining freedom from my gawd-awful long distance relationship. I proceeded to wake up in the morning and get a tattoo. Return to campus and start the party again. Two boys in two nights AND a tattoo? Yep crazy weekend. But I lived more in that weekend than I’ve lived in my entire life. I was finally opening up and being my true self. Doing what I wanted without a care in the world for other people’s cynical opinions.

So after my tat, my friends and I got all fancied up in our wigs and took on a different persona for the night. We got to the party drank a little drank, smoke a little smoke, do a little coke. With a little liquid courage, I was feeling fearless…. and horny. The party proceeded as any college party does, but since all the boys had heard about my recent relationship status change and figured out I was DTF given my actions from the prior night, all attention was on me. Since I’d just gotten my tattoo on my rib cage, all the boys kept pulling up my shirt to see it. Looking back, this was quite questionable but at the time I was to drunk to give a fuck. Oh well.

As the night went on the party cleared out and all my friends had left to go to bed. It was just me and the guys. They wanted to move the party to their dorm, but I wanted to change first so they followed me back to my room. So I went to my room and tried to encourage my friends to go so I wouldn’t be the only girl but they adamantly opposed. For a minute I decided to just call it a night and stay home.

BUT…. after about five minutes one of the boys that walked me to my room texted me questioning where I went. It wasn’t hard for him to convince me to come over. So there I was. Me and eight guys. All hitting on me. At one point one of the guys was literally trying to put his hand up my pants in front of everyone. For a moment there, I was mentally preparing for a threesome.

I had a difficult choice to make. Which of these boys should I sleep with tonight. Gosh, let me tell you what a powerful position it is to be the only girl in the room with that many horny boys. What a night.

I ended up picking one of the older boys, and we discreetly tried to go into the other room but everyone obviously knew what was going on. We did the deed and I left feeling extremely satisfied. So satisfied that he became my first fuck buddy.

We had a good run but as time passed we both moved onto other bedroom partners. The relationship was purely sex, but that’s exactly what I wanted. At the end of the school year he randomly messaged apologizing for if I ever felt like he was using me. NEWS FLASH. Buddy, I was using you.

-Female Anonymous 


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