Why do I have to remain anonymous?

So far on this blog I have yet to reveal any personal information, and I’ve left out any details that might hold clues to my true identity. My reason for doing this? I’m legitimately scared of the judgment I’d receive from my peers if they read the things I write on here. Yes, I’m comfortable in my own skin, but I don’t need to give people another reason to talk about me. They only know bits of pieces of my sexual scandals already and have plenty to talk about… I can only imagine if they knew the whole story.

Through this blog I preach to empower women with sex. That means extinguishing negative stereotypes that come along with women having sex. It doesn’t matter if you’ve slept with one man, ten men, or one hundred men; it is perfectly acceptable for you to have the sexual life you desire without judgement and cynicism for it. I’m sick and tired of girls being labeled sluts and whores after having sex with one person, while guys have sex with five people and get praised.

Unfortunately, it seems a majority of society does not accept this view. Since biblical times, women have always been expected to be modest and conservative– especially in the bedroom. NEWS FLASH. Times are changing. People are having more and more sex, so why does the myth that women must be modest endure? Since our actions in the bedrooms are evolving, our minds need to as well and learn to be more accepting.

At this moment in time, I’m scared to reveal my identity because the viewpoint I have is deemed unacceptable by large portions of society. Society as a whole seems dominated by the viewpoint that women should not openly have sex with a large amount of people. Although my closest friends know I have a lot of sex and I frequently talk to them about empowering women sexually, most of them don’t know the full picture and understand it entirely. I know my peers would call me a skank if they read about my sexual endeavors on here and I’d be labeled the slut with the sex blog. Furthermore, I worry how society as a whole, and strangers that read my blog would judge me if they knew who I really was.

This is frustrating because I want to share my full truth. But my truth will be told. If anonymously is the only way for me to comfortably do that now , so be it.

Hopefully in the future I will gain enough confidence to reveal my identity. But for now it is not the name that matters, but words I write. Someday, hopefully soon in the future, the idea of women having sex openly and freely will normalize. When that happens I’ll be ready to come forward and reveal the true me and my complete story.



10 thoughts on “Why do I have to remain anonymous?

      1. I would agree. I feel sometimes mine can be confusing because their are so many female characters in which I am referring to as she and her. But those who need our message will see it either way.


  1. I like your site page. Very clean and streamline. I only started a month ago, someone pointed out to me that I forgot to remove the text widget template from the bottom of the page. You can do that in edit or customization. I see yours is still there as well.

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