Who am I?

A few bloggers have reached out to me inquiring about my identity. I was hesitant to reveal more in order to protect my own identity and the identity of others featured in my stories, but I feel allowing you to see a bit deeper into my personality and life would prove beneficial to you as […]

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I hate the South.

I’m home from college for the summer. I returned from from a big city in the North to a small town in the South. I knew going back home was going to be different given that I’m so different from when I left, but I had no idea what was in store. Everyone says freshman […]

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Let’s get kinky weird.

  So my last post was a bit serious so I wanted to spice it up a bit. Let’s talk about my kinkiest adventures of freshman year. Since I wrote the last post on empowering women through sex, I myself have tried to do my best to live up to that standard. That means not […]

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